Removing bottom margin


Hey folks,

I’m trying to remove the bottom margin from one of components, in this case a “list”.

    "type": "list"
    "items": [...],
    "bottom_margin": "none"

However, the list still appears to render with a bottom margin of 8px. Am I doing something wrong? Or is the 8px the expected behaviour?

Appreciate the help.


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Hey @robertrawlins :wave:

Been looking into our codebase and it appears the only components that can pass in the bottom_margin parameter are text and dividers. Big error on our part here - I’ll do a quick clean-up. Thanks for flagging again, you’ve been helping tidy these references up nicely :muscle:



Just to add to that @robertrawlins – sounds like it would be a useful thing for you to have that parameter on all our UI components, is that correct? If so, I’ll make sure we capture that feedback in our backlog.

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@zach @jeff thanks guys. It’s not a big deal, but would be nice from a continuity standpoint, given any element can be stacked on top of any other, it’d make sense to control the margin on each.

Props on going with single-direction margins though, good design choice. :+1: