Repeat process, how to "reset" back to the initial view

We have a process that users get us to do all the time, we’d like to allow the to do this themselves in messenger. We have an app built that works great but we’re stuck on what happens at the end of the process. Right now, they complete this “lookup” and are shown information then … what should happen next? What is seen currently is that once you do the lookup, you just see those previous results continually - you don’t ever see the initial view again. Support had mentioned to put a submit action button on the /submit canvas response, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

How can I get the user to loop back every time this tool is used or opened to the initial view?

Hey @kfrancis - you have two options:

  • Use a live canvas (Messenger capabilities only) - a live canvas means that a request is sent to a URL (that you provide instead of a canvas) whenever an app is viewed. This means that when the app is viewed, you can make sure it renders the initial view every time Here’s how it works in simple terms:

    1. When we send you an initialize request: You respond with a canvas object that contains a content_url for us to make requests to when someone views the app.
    2. When someone views the app and we send you a live canvas request: You respond with a content object containing the components you want to render.

  • Use a submit action - you will need to specify your own “Done” or “Back” button here that has a submit action attached to it. This will trigger a submit request which you should respond to with the JSON for the first screen.
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Got it, what I was missing was that I needed to run /initialize again if I see that final submit button clicked.

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