Scroll already exists for this workspace

What is the cause for the following error:
“The error of type ‘None’ is not recognized. It occurred with the message: scroll already exists for this workspace and http_code: ‘400’. Please contact Intercom with these details.”?

I am scrolling about half a million users from Intercom, getting this message all the time and can’t cleanly reproduce it. Failed scrolls should be cleared in one minute, that is definitely not the case. I access Intercom from AWS Databricks pySpark using python-intercom package.

Is there the way to 1) check if scroll exists in the workspace 2) get some details about this scroll 3) kill it or exit

Also would be good to know if there is another way to pull large number of users rather than scroll.


Hey @ysmx :wave:

On your last question, it would be preferable now to use our Contacts API (available on the Unstable Version) which will be much more reliable for listing/finding both users and leads. You can in fact search for contacts by using specific parameters meaning you won’t have to pull everyone, only those you actually need.

In terms of the ‘Scroll already exists for this workspace’ error, are you by any chance starting any other type of scroll operation here? This includes companies or leads. It’s not endpoint specific so if you start off any scroll operation and one is underway on a different resource, it will fail with this error. If not, feel free to message in and we’ll dive deeper in the logs :+1:

Hi @zach thank you for your response! What is the Intercom definition of the workspace? There is another scroll constantly running on the account in different environment. It is a legacy Ruby code I am re-platforming, I didn’t stop it - the reason is that my scrolls are sometimes running and sometimes failing while this one is always running. Like for example tonight it tried 15 times with 10 mins waits between tries and didn’t start but now just started from the second attempt. The other scroll is still running… Maybe you can take a look at the logs please? The client is Teespring. Can I contact you directly?

As for Contacts API - that is very interesting, looks like from the first glance I can pull only daily delta from there - that is exactly what I need. Can you please direct me to any Python code examples on that?

Thanks a lot!