Search Admins by Email?

Is it possible, or is it planned, to be able to search admins by email? We have a requirement to look up admins but currently, the only way that seems to be possible is to loop over the entire workspace via the /admin endpoint.

Assuming this is the only way, this is massively inefficient on both our side and also in terms of API calls to Intercom.

Additional filters could be the Team ID, Type etc

Hey Colin, Sean here :wave:. I’m one of the Support engineers on the team.

At the moment, it’s not possible to include additional query params on the /admins endpoint for filtering admins by email. Over the last number of months, the team have been working on delivering search functionality to the /contacts and /conversations endpoints, which were released in version 2.0 of our REST API. Feel free to check out the API changelog here for more details on current and future releases.

I’m not aware of any plans to add this functionality to the /admins endpoint yet, but if there is a lot of demand for such a feature, it’s definitely something our team will look in to. If you have any additional feedback or a particular use-case that you have in mind. Let me know and I’d be happy to share it with the team. Thanks :smile:

Thanks Sean, appreciate the reply.

Honestly, I can’t see any justification on Intercom’s part for not having this feature as without it, we’re looking at hundreds of extra calls to Intercom and extra lines of code on our side to paginate the results. For large teams, it simply get’s unwieldy if we need to check if a particular admin exists. Yes, we could cache but it means our data is potentially stale and we need to occasionally refresh.

A strong use case is assignment as unless we can find the team mate, we can’t assign them.

For Canvas apps, where response time is critical, we simply can’t use this end point and it shutters any developing using these features.

I hope that Intercom takes a leaf from other platforms and harmonises their model searches. Pipedrive for example has single entry points to search and we can simply select what model we want to retrieve, we can even search across multiple models at the same time.

Totally appreciate the feedback here Colin and I’ll be sure to flag it with our Product team :+1:.

In the meantime, what I would suggest here is to pull the list of Admins on a daily basis. Since adding new Admins to your workspace is still a UI-only option, you’re unlikely to have many new Admins on a given day.

As a possible workaround in the interim, you could keep track of the admin list locally and then do a JSON lookup for the email to retrieve the appropriate Admin Id. If it’s not available, you could make an additional query to list admins. It would greatly reduce the number of times that you needed to query the database, if you need to lookup Admin emails on a regular basis.