Search Contacts API returns 404 even if contact exists

Scenario: Let’s say, we have a user with email


  1. Our service gets first to create a contact for this user in intercom

  2. Our service would Search for the user in intercom by email

  3. Since the user is new, intercom returns 404

  4. Then our service would create New contact in Intercom

  5. Our service would immediately get another request which belongs to the same user but with some updates

  6. Our service would again Search for the user in intercom by email

  7. The user was already created last time, so intercom should return the object but IT RETURNS 404. Probably, it takes some time on there side to index the user.

  8. As a result, when we try to create the user, we get 409 from intercom because the user already exists with the same email.

My understanding is that your search service takes some time to index new user info and hence it returns 404, so it needs to be resolved from your side.

Can you please advice how to resolve this?

Hey Ritesh! Could you write into Intercom through the Messenger so one of my support engineering teammates can dig further into this? Thanks!

Thank you for your response @Ricky_M
I will write through the messenger and point them to this post.