Search Contacts API returns 404 for wrong token


This is Ritesh. I work at Zalando as a Software Engineer. We are trying to integrate intercom API with our application.
I have found one weird behaviour from intercom Search Contacts api. In the API call, if you specify incorrect token (eg: “dummy_token” as token) then it returns

    "errors": [
            "code": "not_found",
            "message": "The requested resource does not exist; check your path and try again"
    "type": "error.list"

with status 404. instead of 401 unauthorized. This happens only for search API. For other Retrieve Contact API or Delete API, it return 401 for API calls with “dummy_token” as token for the request. This behaviour is not documented at

We would like to understand if this behaviour is intentional and if it is, it would be great to have it documented.


Are you setting the Intercom-version header to 2.0, might try that as your account could be set to use a 1.x version.