Sending An Initialize Request manually


I’m building a private app that we will be using in our website. On certain pages we want to show canvas1 and on other pages we want to show canvas2. If a user changes pages while the intercom app is open I want to change the canvas if necessary (depending which page the user went to).

I’m wondering is it possible for me to send a request to the initialize/submit endpoints and then within the endpoint decide which canvas to return?

From the docs it seems like intercom sends these request but maybe it’s possible for me to force these requests to happen at certain times?

Would be happy for some clarification here.

Hey @Danny_Brudner :wave:

You can’t send requests to us in order to update (it has to be through responses to the requests we send).

However, a live canvas should work for you. We’ll send a request to the content_URL you provide us with in the canvas object each time the app is re-opened/loaded (as opposed to when it’s first sent or interacted with) so on page changes a request should be sent :+1: