setSettings vs update (hide_default_launcher)


We were affected by the incident on Thursday, May 18, regarding the issue with using the hide_default_launcher messenger setting.

At the time, we had removed the offending code:

  hide_default_launcher: false

Now that the issue has been resolved, we tried reusing the above code, but it does not affect the launcher as previously expected. However, using the follow works:

  hide_default_launcher: false
  1. What are the differences in using setSettings vs update? Their api seem identical, and we can’t find a clear answer in the documentation.
  2. How could these have been affected by the May 18th incident? The report states a rollback was performed but we are observing different behavior for these functions.

Hey @andyarbol :wave:

The Intercom update method is the one we recommend using and is the officially supported method.

Intercom('update', { hide_default_launcher: false}) would be the correct and supported way to update/show the default launcher.

Could you clarify where you discovered the setSettings method please? Is that possibly from a third-party Intercom plugin?

Hey Lyli,

Apologies, I had mistyped. Instead of Intercom.setSettings(), I meant to refer to window.intercomSettings = {} from here.