Some data out of order when listing conversations


Hello, I am trying to retrieve all conversations sorted by updated_at such as using

Most of the items are in order but I notice a couple of conversations per page that clearly don’t belong on the page – as in most of the results will have an updated_at that falls within a 4 hour window, but then a couple of them might be 2 weeks outside of that range, for example.

Is this a known issue and what can I do to ensure that we correctly fetch all of the conversations updated within a given time interval?

We are using version 1.0 of the API. Specific details can be provided in a private message. Thanks.


Hi :wave: I’ve picked up your conversation within Intercom so let’s first investigate that and see what we find out there :+1:


After chatting with our team seems that this is indeed a bug that we’re tracking :+1:

If anybody else runs into this, let us know within Intercom to ensure that we can get back to you when it is fixed :muscle: