Sorry™ for Intercom Messenger


Good morning folks!

After soft-launching our new messenger app to our existing customers a few weeks ago, we’re now starting to show it to the wider world.

Sorry™ for Intercom lets you bring the latest information about outages and downtime from our hosted status pages into the Intercom Messenger.

Read about Sorry™ for Intercom.

We have been Intercom customers for a long while, and we find lots of our own customers (being conscientious of good quality customer service) also use Intercom. So an integration has been something which people have asked for again and again.

I’m really excited to see how this might grow, and I’d like to extend a big thanks to the Intercom team (@zach , @jeff et al) who were always quick to help figure things out, and improve the framework documentation as the build moved along.

Feel free to ask any questions here, or come and find me on Twitter.

Happy building.


Probably too late to say, but amazing job @robertrawlins !:tada:

Any idea how is your Messenger App’s install rate is?