Stories gathers everything that happens regarding a user on a timeline

My name is Max and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Stories.

At Stories, we are building a software that gathers everything that happens regarding a user on a timeline. It allows you to visualize the journey of a user, by showing you all the actions taken for or by a user; both across your product and the different tools you use.

We built Stories out of frustration from our previous startup as we always felt blind about our users and use to spend to much time figuring out stuff about users that should be quick easy.

Stories is made:

  • for founders and PM who are looking for an easy way to put themselves in their user’s shoes.
  • for support team to easily understand what is going on and find answers to questions when a user reaches out.
  • for customer success to understand key milestones during the user journey and identify churning users.

Prior building Stories we tried many solutions but didn’t find a no brainer one. They were either too complicated to use, too time consuming to setup, too pricey, or engineers/data scientist friendly only. We somehow wanted to make user data easy for everyone.

I would love to know How do you do to have a clear understanding about what is going on with your users ?

Today we just launch our Intercom Integrations for Stories:

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Also, I’m an expert about product, user data and time :hourglass_flowing_sand:and I’ll be happy to answer any question on those topics.