Suggestion: Canvas linter



As I am making progress on developing my app on Messenger, I find it hard to debug when a canvas is not formatted properly.

I would love to have a place when I can copy paste my JSON, and visualize how it will look in the messenger, or tell me which lines are invalid.

Something similar to Slack Message builder:

What do you think?


Hey @picsoung - nothing formal yet in this vein, but it’s something that’s been on our radar. Any additional feedback on how you’d like this to look, and what functionalities it would have?

For now, I’d use Glitch to setup the endpoints and insert any JSON components you want there - you can follow our handy tutorial which takes you through getting this setup in roughly 5/10 minutes :+1:


Ideally it will help me to debug the canvas response I am sending back.

So I want a place where I can drop a JSON payload, and another one where I visualize how it’s going to render. If there are errors in my payload it should tell me where and help me correct them.

"Error on component list, missing property..."

But good idea to setup a testing app just for this purpose, could be a good workaround for now. Thanks :pray:


Nice one, sounds good - thanks :slightly_smiling_face: