Support multiple apps on one Intercom workspace

Hey everyone, I was really surprised I couldn’t find an existing thread on this… I assumed more people would have the same problem we’re having!

We use Intercom to support two apps we’ve built for Shopify. We’re a small team and currently have one full-time and one part-time staff handling tickets in Intercom.

The biggest problem trying to support two apps with one Intercom account was managing the Help Center. We use collections to separate knowledgebase content for our two apps, but when a user searches in our Help Center they are shown articles from both apps… not just the collection they were in. For example, when someone searches “uninstall” it pulls up two identical articles from each app without any indication of what collection it’s pulling from. (screenshot below)

Intercom’s proposed solution is to create a new workspace, which would essentially DOUBLE our monthly cost for Intercom (yiiiikes!)

We did discover a workaround being used by another Shopify app developer… an app called HelpShelf. HS actually takes over the Intercom widget which allows us to display articles related to App A to only App A users, and likewise for App B.

Novel idea, right?

Overall, we’re happy with how Intercom is working WITH HelpShelp but obviously it would be better if we could do it with Intercom only (without charging us an arm and a leg).

If anyone is having the same problem, you can use our HelpShelf referral code to get 50% off your first 3 months.