Tags creation date and created by in the rest API


hey there, i’v a feature request for the intercom rest api. I would like to be able to get the creation date of the tags and who created it via the API. I know u guys show that info in the interface and it would be super helpful to have it in the api.

our current case is this: we have an tag for each product we can sell, so when the sales team member try to sell something he puts that tag, ex: “tried to sell: sales_team_member_name - product_name” and a event is created

then when the user makes a purchase the event of it is created: “purchase made” and “purchased: product_name”, that way we can create segments on intercom and i can run a script to search each user in the segment to see which ones the tag was placed before the purchase

what is the problem with it then?

  • when tagging multiple users i have to make a script to tag then one by one
  • in some cases we need to tag visitors or leads and it does not activate the intercom event
  • in another cases the event is not created
  • we need to create a tag for each one of our sales team members

how would the feature help?

  • having a created_at in the tags we wouldn’t need to create an event to notify the creation of the tag and it would be way more reliable, solving all the problems created by the event not creating
  • would make easier for the integration, since i will only have to verify the user in the moment of the purchase now.
  • having the created_by would solve the problem of needing to have a tag for each sales team member

besides this integration, what would this help?

  • it will open the door for new kind of integrations where it’s easier for the sales team member to participate, since he can create the tags on intercom, but can’t create events.

  • you will be able to use scripts to analyze the impact of certain actions. For example, if i make a marketing campaign in a segment, and i want to have a better understanding of its sales, i can tag everyone in the segment and later search for the tag creation and purchase date and see how many of them purchased in one week, what are the most common actions between the purchase, which tags to the users that purchased have in common, if the sale was made by the sales team of by the e-mail, the location of those that purchased, etc…

  • you will be able to make integrations like the one we use in a very easy way

  • you will be able to tag a lot of people and use it for custom events, ex: “everyone that received the tag x and purchased within 7 days has a priority support for 30 days event”, “if the sales team member placed the tag x, then when the member does that specific action he will contact him”, etc…

it’s something very simple to do since u guys already get that info and u can just place it on the tag list of the user response. It would open the doors to a lot of new integrations in a reliable way, easy for the sales team, clear up a lot of tags, solve non-user event problems and reduce the api calls needed for the integrations.

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Thanks for the feature request @mateus.amorim! And I’m really sorry we let this one languish for so long before getting back to you.

I think I understand the request and it makes good sense. One question – our user tagged webhook, does that not work simply because it doesn’t give you the admin details for who did the actual tagging?



For visibility @hellojeanpierre



Hey Jeff, giving the admin details would help avoid the multiple tags issue (where we need a tag for each team member), but the main issue is that since leads and visitors events are not supported i can’t get the tag creation date. I can use the user created webhook to know if someone tried to sell something to a specific visitor / lead, but in the cases where more than one person tries to sell it won’t work and we could have issues where we don’t know if the tag was placed before or after the purchase, also for some cases, placing the tag after is intentional, for example: sending e-mail to a segment from another source (for that cases we place a period of tolerance for validating the tag). The very simple solution would be: user made a purchase > search for tag in intercom > detect interval between tag creation and purchase to see if is valid and if the tag happened before the purchase > mark as sale by support.



also, for leads / visitors we may need to apply a time limit to detect if it was a sale made by a support member or by a marketing action



@mateus.amorim that’s a great way to explain your problem :raised_hands:

I’d have look into this, maybe there is a quick win here. I can’t set any expectations given it’s a small niche case, but perhaps there is a way to sort this out.