Tags feature requests


It would be super useful to be able to list conversations by tag. Currently there’s no way to do this directly so I looked into internally maintaining a list of tagged conversations using the conversation_part.tag.created webhook event. However, without a corresponding conversation_part.tag.deleted event, its usefulness is pretty limited.

Are there any plans to support either of these features?



Hey @neilco, from the product team here :wave:

Thanks for raising this suggestion, we’ve this in our radar. The workaround with conversation_part.tag.deleted is a good suggestion, perhaps we can action on this faster than adding a new parameter in the Conversations API.

Quick question, would you be able to add more context on why and how you are using tags to filter conversations? This will help us understand better the use case :smiley:



Hey Jean-Pierre :wave:

We’re using tags to identify conversations related to individual bugs. Our use-case is that we want to be able to identify all the related conversations for a given tag (i.e. a given bug) so that we can update each conversation with notes from the development team. This is so that our support operatives are better informed on the progress of any resolutions that are in the pipeline.

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