Tela — A tiny framework for building Canvas Kit apps in node.js

Hey all, I just published a small little side project to NPM. At Grover, we’re building a lot of custom Intercom apps to make our CS team faster and more efficient, and I decided to invest some time into a little package that would make it easier to get started building a new app.

It’s called Tela, and it allows you to define Custom Apps as classes with initialize, configure and submit methods from which you just return an array of components. After registering your apps, just call tela.listen and it will start up an express server in the background and serve your apps.

Here’s the repo:

Installable via NPM and GitHub Packages.

Obviously, super early stage, but hey, it works, and hey, I think it might be useful for someone. Please let me know if you have any thoughts, suggestions or criticism!