Testing during development


I’m confused how to actually test my Intercom Messenger App during development. I’m not referring to the interaction with my service, that part is good. I’m referring to simulating a user and a team member interacting with Messenger itself and my Messenger App.

The Intercom Framework team created a workspace for us which resulted in an app_id specific to that workspace. I tried installing this workspace Messenger in a dev website using the typical instructions published at https://app.intercom.io/a/apps/{app_id}/settings/web. The Messenger chat widget loads for a brief second, then disappears. Installation/loading on that dev website works as expected when using the app_id for our production Messenger which makes me think there’s something about installing/loading a Messenger Framework app_id ?


Can you check that an actual subscription for Intercom inbox? Your avatar > billing. A coupon should also exist - that sets the price to $0/mo


You’re right, there doesn’t seem to be a subscription in this workspace for any of the Intercom products. I can add a new one and it does seem to auto-apply a 100% coupon, but still asks for a credit card to finish. Should I put a real credit card?

Also, feedback for the Intercom team: since a subscription is always needed please auto-create one when you provision the workspace.


Hey @stefan :wave:

This should have been applied automatically with no credit card needed - I’ve reached out to you on the messenger to get this sorted. Speak there :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @zach, I actually had to enter my credit card yesterday too, after talking to one of your teammates, it seems that my free subscription ends in August. Could you share any details on how you proceed on showcasing apps. As I am currently trying to develop a public messenger app, I would like to showcase it on a landing page - obviously, without paying for a second account!


Hey @hugovillain :wave:

You’re not going to be forced to pay for the DEV workspace we’ve provided you - once your app has gone through the approval process, we will provision it on to your production workspace which will then be used for hosting the public app. Having dedicated, permanent dev workspaces is something we’re looking into post-beta so stay tuned for more :+1:


@hugovillain – to elaborate a little more on what @zach said: We’re in the middle of building a completely new model for developer workspaces in Intercom, along with a completely new developer hub with all the settings and controls you need when building apps (including the app review and app store listing processes). It’s going to be really nice. We’re planning on releasing all that at the end of July, so in the meantime we’re using these [DEV] labeled workspaces to give people free places to develop. The reason you had to enter your card was that the trial period finally ran out on that workspace. The good news is that we had already applied a coupon so you shouldn’t be charged.