Testing OAuth and direct installation URLs


How do forum members recommend testing the app installation flow for an app made available via the Intercom App Store? From the documentation here: https://developers.intercom.com/building-apps/docs/apps-in-messenger-configuring-your-app#section-providing-installation-urls, it appears an app developer needs to provide installation & uninstallation URLs, but there doesn’t seem a way to test the installation/uninstallation flow without submitting the app for review. Is that possible?



You’re quite right @krishna, you can’t properly test the entire flow until you submit for review, i came across that same challenge.

What you can do is mimic the experience though: Go to your Intercom console where you’d unusually install an app, and paste your install URL into the browser, once auth is complete your app should redirect you back there to complete the install.

Bit clunky, but worked for me.


Interesting approach. Will try it out today. Thanks for the tip!


Yes you can test the install URL by simply opening it directly in the browser (it’s your app’s URL after all), but there’s no good way to test the uninstall URL which is a handler of a webhook issued by Intercom.

When you go to your (unpublished) app in the Developer Hub, there’s a way to Install and Uninstall an app from the workspace. I was hoping that uninstalling the app from there would trigger the uninstall URL but it currently doesn’t do that. Please implement this.