Unable to authenticate accesstoken & and update company name to users


Hi Team,
I would like to update company name existing to my newly added users accounts through intercom rest api to which I have added Dotnet client version 1.0.31 to my sample C# project from nuget.
Below , i have written code to create a new company. but it didnt created.
CompanyClient companyClient = new CompanyClient(new Authentication(“MyPersonalAccessToken”));
Company company = companyClient.Create(new Company() { name = “company_name” });

the above code is for create a new company in myworkspace “Test_BulkUpload”.
But the companyClient object and company object gives null after providing my access token.
Please help on this. we need to resolve it asap.



Hey @veeranunna :wave: All looks good to me here, provided that Access Token is correct and linked to the right app/workspace - we’d need to drill into specifics to your use case so (as it deals with some personal data) it’s worth writing into the Intercom Messenger here :+1: Cheers!