Unable to change app status bar color if Intercom is initialized


I have reported this bug directly to the support on Intercom, but I got no valid help so far. I am now reporting this problem here and I would like to see one of you guys to check it please.

Basically the function:

Intercom.registerUser(withUserId:, email:)

blocks my app from changing its status bar color.

Here is a picture of the problem:

The only way to stop this from happening is to call Intercom.logout() on the method viewDidLoad and then login the user back.

My project and the same below are using the latest version of the library: 6.0.2
I was able to reproduce it in real and simulator iPhone X and two real iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Here is the project: https://github.com/ppamorim/t-pro-intercom-bug

Thank you.

Hey there, :wave:

Would you mind giving me the name of your workspace so I can check this issue for you please?

Sorry but what you mean by workspace name?