Uninstall request details for messenger app


I’m not able to find any docs for the uninstall request that the app will send to the appointy webservice. Could you help me with this?

I observed that the POST requset was sent with the
“app_id”: “gd1zq1pa”

Now, There is no detail of the admin in the request.
Is the app id unique for an account of intercom?
Is it the appid assigned to appointy marketplace app as it is mentioned in the OAuth settings?

Now, how will I be able to distinguish that the app has been uninstalled by the admin/users of the intercom account with the id
that I get by calling https://api.intercom.io/me at the install process.

Whereas, I observed that the POST request: https://app.intercom.io/ember/appstore/app_packages/uninstall
has the payload:

but I did not receive the admin_id in uninstall request

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I know we followed up separately on this question but just wanted to provide the update here also to close this out in case anyone else had a similar query:

Yes, for now you will only receive the app ID on the uninstall request. This is what Intercom will send you when an uninstall action occurs.

This is a unique ID. It is worth noting that the APP ID we return to you is the ID of the Intercom workspace that initiated the uninstall.

So this is the workspace that you can then match with the OAuth flow for the install.