Unsent messages on page change

Our web application user interface is backed by multiple Rails applications. As the user switches pages across applications, the conversations in Messenger are saved giving the end user the single application experience that we desire. On the other hand, text that is typed into the Messenger but not sent appears to be saved on a per application basis. This makes for a rather uneven experience for our users as it appears that unsent text appears and disappears as they switch pages.

Is there a way for us to control the behavior of unsent text. Ideally it would be synchronized for users with the same user_id and company_id but any suggestions as to how we might improve this situation would be appreciated, please.

Hey @maffam

It sounds like you are using different Intercom workspace for each of these rails app (since you mentioned you are tracking the same user_id and company_id across all of them)? If so, this will not be possible given sharing drafts across workspaces could amount to a security concern.

In terms of how drafts works in the messenger composer, we save them client-side, and scope them to the current workspace.

Hi Elaine_Arabit,

Thanks for your response. I might not be grokking the concept of Intercom workspace. I basically followed the directions from here, https://www.intercom.com/help/en/articles/168-install-intercom-on-your-web-app-for-logged-in-users adding the javascript to a shared html.haml layout file and it just worked. As all the apps use the shared file, the user_id and company info are, of course, the same. Where does the concept of workspace(s) fit in?



Hi again,

Just to add more information, I tried using the rails gem instead of the straight Javascript installation and the behavior was the same. I’m assuming by workspace you mean ‘APP_ID’ and again since it’s the same html.haml file in all apps, then I would think that means we’re using the same workspace for all apps. If that is the case, then I don’t think the issue around sharing drafts across workspaces would apply here - we only have the one.

Thanks again for your help.


Hey @maffam

Thanks for letting us know.

Would you mind reaching out to us via the Intercom Messenger on https://www.intercom.com/.

We’d have to dig a little further into this for you and review your installation.


Thanks. I did just that.