UPDATE: Apps & Custom Bots


Hey everyone - we’ve got another update off the back of this week’s product announcement about custom bots :tada:

Custom bots are a new way to build custom automated workflows with your visitors, leads. They’re designed to work around the clock - starting conversations, asking the right questions, and getting more done in the messenger.

Which brings us to the best way to get things done in the messenger - with custom bots, you can set any app to be the last step in a flow. Some example use cases we’ve seen already:

  • Schedule meetings with only the right leads. The custom bot will have a quick chat with the lead to determine their suitability to talk to sales or whether they should just sign up through the website.

  • Driving signups for your webinar. Ensure that leads who are interested but not yet ready to buy can sign up and learn more about your product.

  • Apps to provide more information. We’ve also seen some neat use cases where apps deliver customized content to leads to keep their interest up without moving straight to sales mode.

To get this working on a brand new, or existing application, you need to go to your app in your Developer Hub, navigate to the Messenger Framework section, and select the relevant Capability like so:

If you want to know more about how the feature works, take a look at our documentation, or at our landing page (which gives current app examples likewise).

What apps are you interested in building with this new capability? Any feedback on what you’d like to see going forward? Comment below and let us know - we all want to hear from you!

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