UPDATE: Developer Hub Changes, API Additions


Hey Developers :wave:

We’ve got a bunch of sweet improvements to announce today across our Developer Hub, and API/Webhooks. Here’s a summary of what’s been updated and added.

Improve your automation at scale with our updated webhooks and APIs :hammer_and_wrench:

You now have more flexibility than ever before to trigger actions, filter conversations, and assign teammates using Intercom’s webhooks and APIs. This means that your team can automate more workflows and efficiently handle sales and support conversations at scale.

With the updates, you can:

  • Trigger actions or filter conversations based on conversation tags with our new Conversation Tagged Webhook.

  • Check if teammates are available for a conversation – or set teammates to away and reassign their conversations – with our updated Admins API.

  • View which teams your teammates are part of with our new Teams API.

  • Route and re-route conversations by running assignment rules at any point in a conversation with our new Run Assignment Rules API.

Streamline the process of managing and publishing your apps in the Developer Hub :house:

We’ve added some new functionalities to our Developer Hub which make it even easier to configure and maintain your apps.

You can now:

  • Safely test apps by creating and installing them on test workspaces

  • Easily discard private apps that your team is no longer using by clicking the “Delete app” button in the “Basic information” section

  • Track your app’s progress through the review process with email notifications at key steps, including submission, feedback, OAuth approval, and App Store approval

  • Get more details about a given app by viewing which teammate built the app and when it was built in the app’s “Basic information” section

Explore our developer docs to learn more about all the changes, and get started building your first (or your next :wink:) app. If you have any feedback, send it our way!


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