UPDATE: Introducing the Experimental API (and V1.2)

Howdy Partners :horse:

A few months ago, we introduced API versioning to make it easier and safer for you to upgrade to new features and address breaking changes. Today, we’re taking our versioning a step further and launching experimental API versions , which allow you to test out new features early :hammer_and_wrench:

We want to make sure that you – the members of our ever-growing Intercom Developer community – get a sneak peak of what’s to come and have a hand in shaping our API. It’s vital to us that you’re at the heart of this process, and we’re super pumped to see your feedback on these experiments before the features are even live :raised_hands:

We’ve launched the first experimental version (V1.2). Take a look at what’s new in the changelog, upgrade your app’s version, and lets get co-creating!