UPDATE: Listing, Versioning & Webhook changes


Hey Developers :wave:

Today, we’re bringing you powerful updates to our Intercom App Store, APIs and webhooks that will help you generate more app installs and drive more value for your app users :tada:

Capture more customers with our latest app listing fields :pencil2:

We’ve made it easier than ever for you to show Intercom App Store visitors the value your app provides, how it works and where to get help. You can now add videos and pricing details to your listing – as well as links to your website, help center and terms of service.

In addition, visitors can now click on your listing images to view them full screen. For tips on how to create compelling and engaging assets, check out our image and video guides or get inspiration from these top-notch listings: Canny, Google Analytics, Aircall Now, Survicate, Confrere :bulb:

Efficiently and safely improve your app with our new backwards-compatible APIs :arrows_counterclockwise:

Our APIs are now backwards compatible, meaning you can upgrade to the latest version whenever is best for you and have confidence that your app will continue to function as normal in the meantime.

We’ve just released version 1.1, which includes improvements to the users and conversations endpoints and the Messenger framework. See our docs for more details on how to upgrade and what the new version contains.

Select webhooks and request permissions more easily :raising_hand_woman:

Webhooks are now tied to apps instead of workspaces, making it simpler to select notifications you want to receive directly through the Developer Hub. Plus, with our redesigned OAuth screen, customers can quickly understand the data your app will access – reducing friction in the installation process.

We’ve also redesigned our webhooks infrastructure to improve stability and scalability so that we can offer you ever-improving and always-available webhooks for your apps. Speaking of improvements, we now offer new webhooks for snoozing and unsnoozing conversations and tagging and untagging leads :zap:

Make sure to take a peek at your app on the Developer Hub, where you can upgrade your API version, subscribe to webhooks, and add/update the public listing. Once that’s all done, let us know what you think about the update below - any feedback is welcome!

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@zach I just came across this post because I noticed that my Intercom integration stopped working and that the API permission to create/manage webhooks has been removed. After digging a bit deeper I found that it is not possible anymore to manage/create webhooks via API.

Has this change been announced anywhere? I am surprised Intercom is removing capabilities from their public API seemingly without considering the impact for third-party vendors. This is a breaking change that should have gone through a deprecation period to give third parties time to migrate their code.


Hey @tobi - actually, it is still possible to do so. We haven’t deprecated this. The documentation still exists on V1.0 of our Reference here :+1: You can still manage via the API for the time being (and if we do have plans to deprecate this fully, we will let you know), but we are urging developers to use the new system as we’ll actually manage your webhooks for you everywhere that the app is installed :+1:

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