UPDATE: Messenger App Completion Tracking


:wave: Hey developers–we’ve got another great update to the Messenger Framework for you!

Track App Completion Events

App completion events will help you understand how your customers are using your app and will add more value to it making it possible for Intercom bots to know when to continue with their flows.

Here are some examples of messenger app completions:

  • A calendar scheduler app completes when the end-user schedules a calendar event.
  • An email collector app completes when the end-user submits their email address.
  • A survey app running in a sheet completes when the end-user submits their final response.

Reporting app completion

To report if your messenger app has completed its purpose, you can add an event object to a submit or submit-sheet flow response payload.

Example submit flow response tracking app completion:

Our docs have been updated with everything new.

Please ask questions and feel free to leave feedback about what app events other than completed you’d like to track on Intercom. :smile:


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