UPDATE: Messenger App Framework V0.2.0


Howdy Messenger App Developers, we have a small, yet juicy framework update for you.

Hot off the press:

1. Drop down list component

2. Single select component

3. New and improved context – More information about the end-user and the Messenger sent more consistently across the Intercom POST notifications e.g. Messenger language, Messenger colours, and the current URL of the end-user.

4. User object is now sent with all user facing web-hooks (Submit, Live Card & Sheet)

Our docs have been updated with everything new.

Please remember that the framework is still in beta so please ask questions and leave feedback liberally. :grin:

Getting URL of the current page
Two or Three Component in One Row Suggestion
Feedback on new components
Get user_id on live canvas
removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #4