UPDATE: Support & Website URLs for Listings


Hey Developers :wave:

Today, we’re launching some brand new ways to improve your listings in the Intercom App Store!

Make it easier for your app users to get help and understand your product :bulb:

Gone are the days of adding company and support information to the bottom of the “Long description” in your app listing, hoping users will find it when they need it :prayer_beads:

We now provide a dedicated field for you to add a support URL or email. This will generate a “Get app help” button in your App Store listing that is easy for users to see, helping them navigate quickly to the right place for app support. In addition, we will highlight where the app works inside Intercom’s products, giving users the tools to get most out of your app.

We’ve also made it easier for users to learn about your service or product – not just the Intercom app itself. You can now add a hyperlink to your company name with the Website URL field and direct users to a webpage that provides more information about your service and product.

If you have an existing listing, take a minute to add your website and support URL or email and ensure that users get the most out of your app. Once you’ve added these, why don’t you let everyone know what you’re currently building by writing a small post in our new Community section? Tell us what you’re up to, and as always, feel free to give us any feedback :smile:

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removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #7