Userfeed: product feedback platform built for Intercom


:wave: Hey everyone! We’re launching Userfeed on Product Hunt today, our feedback tool built on the Messenger App Framework. Our goal is to make it easy to gather, prioritize, and close the loop on customer feedback.

I figured I’d mention it here to share with fellow builders and platform users. We’ve implemented flows for both app contexts (“home” and “conversation”), allowing both website users (via Messenger) and Intercom admins (via conversation app) to submit feedback that ties back to users in Intercom. We’ve also experimented with multiple “widget” types for the messenger home. You can see these in the screenshot below.

Feel free to let me know if you any questions about how we’ve gone about developing this, or about the product itself.

Happy building!



Thanks for sharing @kyle! I’d love to see more folks on this forum posting their apps when they’ve launched. It’s great for giving other teams ideas on stuff to build or how to solve certain design problems and is a great place to start a conversation about implementation details or share code samples. Obviously, it’s also a way that we can support each other’s apps when they launch too!

:tada: I’d strongly encourage all teams to post their apps in a new thread when they launch. :muscle:

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Hey Jeff - should this be moved to the Launch Announcements section now that that’s a thing?

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Absolutely, thanks for the catch. I’ve just moved it over there. :slight_smile:

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