Users not updated in Intercom dashboard after login

we’ve Integrated Intercom in our react-native application through everything is working as expected and I can send/receive push notification.

The problem, however, is that when the user log in the data doesn’t get updated in Intercom dashboard. The same problem happens when I log in with another user, the old user will be marked active even though I called `Intercom.logout()

any ideas are appreciated.

Hello there! Kayvan from Intercom customer support here. Would you mind writing in to Intercom with this issue? What we can do is have our Support Engineers take a look to see if they can spot the issue on our end. We would need you write in while logged into your workspace. We can then access your workspace data to help troubleshoot. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hello, we have similar issue with logout method on IOS/Android. There are two options in our application how user can access Intercom - as an unidentified user from login/registration screens and as an Identified user after he/she logs in. We have strict policy, that after user logs out, no data should be visible to the application. However, after logging into registered user and then logging out (calling sdk’s logout()) if we open Intercom Messenger for the first time, it shows old logged out user info. Sometimes this data updates itselft and Hi 'First Name' changes to Hi there, sometimes it changes only if user closes that screen and opens it again. It would be good to know why there is such delay. Also we register unidentified user after logout.