Using REST API with multiple workspaces

I don’t see a way to specify the app_id (which in turn specifies the workspace) when interacting with the Rest API. I have two apps: for both test and prod workspaces. Access token for both of them is the same.

I experienced the following: I tried to create a new data attribute by issuing a POST request to supplying my access token (-H 'Authorization:Bearer ’ \ ) and it got created in the test workspace. I deleted the testApp hoping that this would leave nothing but the prodApp for the api to post to. But after that, I started getting unauthorized response on all routes. I ended up regenerating the token. This fixed my issue and now all the updates go to the prod workspace.

I want to be able to interact with both workspaces through the REST API independently. How do I do that?

Hi @Natallia_Perats, the access token you are using to make API calls is unique per workspace (what you refer to apps).

You’ll have to create an access token for each workspace you want to create the attributes. You can do this in the “Your Apps” dashboard.