Using sheets action in the configure flow


It appears the sheets action cannot be used in the configure flow. When I click on the action button, nothing happens. However, it appears to work when the messenger app is presented to the user.

Can someone confirm that this is expected behavior?

If so, I would love to request that the configure flow support the sheets action? I need it so that a teammate can configure my app using the benefits a sheets flow provides.




Hey @krishna :wave:

Sheets are only for cards (ie. the end user functionality of your app), not for frames (ie. the configure flow for admins). I’d love to hear more specifics into your use case here. Are the current components not achieving what you need, or is it more from a brand design perspective?

cc @hellojeanpierre



Thanks @zach for the reply. I’d like teammates in the configure flow to input information via a multi-select UI flow, that’s not doable using Intercom’s current UI components. So I figured that it would be doable via the sheets workflow if I can present my own UI on there. Seeing that the sheets workflow is not supported, I may have to direct my users outside Intercom to collect the necessary information, which isn’t ideal.



Yeah that’s not ideal at all :grimacing: Cheers for flagging the feature request!

I’ll reach out to you through DM so we can talk more about this and see how we can get it in shape for now!



@krishna it’s something we want to introduce.

A workaround until then could be using lists, when you select an item you return a new list.