V2 - BUG - Attach a Tag to a conversation

Hello there guys,
I’m using the V2 of the API in order to Tag & Untag conversation.
There are two problems with the documentation:

  1. Attach a conversation - In the documentation the admin_id property is required but I’m able to send it with an empty value - admin_id: ‘’.

  2. Detach a conversation - According to the documentation, there are two parameters for this end point. conversation id as a path param and tag id as a body param.
    however, both params are documented as path params -
    $ curl https://api.intercom.io/conversations//tags/<tag_id>
    In addition, an error is been thrown that ‘admin_id’ param is not provided in the request although this parameter is not mentioned at all in the detach a conversation documentation.

Thanks in advance, aviv.