What are API call limits for messenger app / Intercom API?


Hey guys,

We are building an Intercom app with huge number of concurrent users. We need to show consolidated users data.

Wondering what is the best practice here:

  1. Should we duplicate all transactions (events) on our server?
  2. Call Intercom API with specific query

If #2, what are the max number of API calls we can make? Considering, our users will have huge visitors/events on their app and numbers of API call can be upto 5,000 per second.

Thanks in advance!!


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Hi Vipul,
For specific information on our rate limits you can check out the API ref doc here. That will help with the default rate limit and other information your may need.
We also had a post on general approaches to handling rate limits here which might also provide some more context.

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We have stricter rate limits when posting conversation replies (if you are using the Conversation API) at the moment, this will get improved soon.

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Thanks for the update @hellojeanpierre!

Idea is to understand the limits and build the product architecture accordingly. At the moment, we will be using this with very small user base ( may be team members only).

Also, can you please confirm if these limits are for the overall app or per client? (Let’s say 10 customers uses CanvasFlip app for Intercom, will limit be set to 500 API calls per user or overall.)




Thanks @choran. Documentation is certainly very helpful… :smile:

Considering the API limits, how do we get around this? I mean, do we need to duplicate data set in our server and run a query locally?

Alos, any idea how many conversion push we can do in new “Intercom Messenger”? I’ll be using the app by myself among team of 10-15 folks here but need to set up app arch based on this