What integrations would you like to see built?

Hello inter-community :wave:

This post is to explore ideas for Messenger Apps, or Integrations that you think or feel could be useful but doesn’t yet exist on the Intercom App Store. :blue_heart:

– Possibly ambitious, but it will be even greater to connect Users of Intercom to Builders who build on top of the Intercom platform! :raised_hands:

Feel free to suggest any messenger app or integration or any wild idea you have on your mind! :confetti_ball:


It would be great to have an app which could trigger external webhooks and include user variables. Triggered by a custom bot for example, would give us the option to trigger external systems.

I could use it to trigger Zapier Zaps which use webhooks to update my customers on their current spendings, or to trigger a form on Convertkit which brings my customer in to a special funnel. For this to become valuable, it would be necessary to be able to put in variables from the user such as email address or any other (custom) field.

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Is this something you can’t do with Intercom webhooks?

Unfortunately it’s not possible the way I hope te be able to use it. As far as I have found only regular data can be sent through webhooks, not custom attributes. Also the data is sent in the body. Furthermore, I did not find anything that would give me the ability to trigger them from a custom bot interaction with an active user, only from generic “Intercom events”.

Maybe this could be possible, but not with just a simple webhook as far as I have found. And that’s where the integration comes from.

I think it would be awesome just to be able to define webhooks through the Intercom UI using any attribute from a user (i.e. http://webhook.zapier.com/?email={{user.email}}&toggl_id={{user.customattrb.toggl_id}} ). Then being able to use that webhook in different places such as a custom bot or a button.