What should we do for uninstall follow?


There is no documentation for uninstall process.



Very true – we’re working on adding it now to the docs but in short, the uninstall url can be set to a URL on your side that you want us to hit each time someone uninstalls your app. You can use this callback to help you clean up any data connections or to trigger some other workflows, like reaching out to the customer to find out why they don’t want to use your app anymore. It’s entirely optional.

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@jeff would also like to see some more docs around this. Mainly I’d like to know what data is passed in the payload to the uninstall_url i.e. the app_id? admin? context? etc.

We create a bunch of records our end on install/configure flow, so cleanup would be helpful.



Have you folks made any progress on the docs for the uninstall payload? Hoping to launch in the coming week and it’d be nice to round this flow off.

Most critical thing I need to know, is if the uninstall request passes the intercom_app_id in the payload, and if so, what’s the name of the parameter.



Hey again @robertrawlins :wave:

The doc itself is still in the backlog but on the agenda - I can talk you through anything you need for now though before that doc gets published as it’s not likely to be in the coming week.

The uninstall request does pass the app_id in the payload - it should be aptly named app_id.

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Thanks Zach, that’s perfect.

Does it expect anything special in return? Or is an empty bodied 200 enough?



No response needed - it’s for you to parse and action anything you need to clean up your end :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks buddy. One final question (I hope): Is the uninstall request signed with the X-Body-Signature signature like the other requests?



This is the POST request that being send by intercom. I hope it helps people who would like to use uninstall URL.

Host: glidrintercom.requestcatcher.com
Accept: */*
Content-Length: 21
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Typhoeus - https://github.com/typhoeus/typhoeus
X-Body-Signature: b6475ce9cb46726b369904d3f5fa3a6208cec199be4fb6e31ce9de6ae19b4cdc

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