What's up with the trick 'Close' button?


I’m new to Intercom and my new company.

I went to check out a few conversations and accidentally closed at least one conversation – because apparently there is a ‘Close’ button that will magically appear right before you click on the timestamp on a conversation.

This seems insane to me. Is it insane?




Hi there :wave:

Allie from the Intercom Support team here!

Looks like you’re running into some confusion with our feature that allows you to quickly close conversations when you hover your mouse over the timestamp in the Inbox preview for conversations. If you’re going through things quickly, I can definitely see how this could be easy to accidentally click and have honestly probably done it myself once or twice. That being said, I would be happy to pass this use case along to our team so they’re aware of this confusion.

With that, it sounds like having the option to turn this feature on or off would be helpful to prevent your team from accidentally closing conversations so I’ll go ahead and share this feature request with our team. Really appreciate you reaching out about this!



Thank you.

I imagined it could have been some type of optimization, but…

it just seems like bad design.

i can get behind appearing elements maybe in very specific, but this is a case of actually changing the apparent meaning of UI where i’m planning to click – and it’s changed at the last moment, when I would not expect the change to happen and don’t have time to react to such an off the wall behavior – and it actually modifies the state of the element (it closes the message/conversation), which of course notifies the customer that I efficiently (if unintentionally) ignored their question/comment/request.

maybe there could remain a ‘Are you sure you want to close this conversation?’ message for the first couple of times that someone goes to close the conversation, intentionally or otherwise?

or maybe i just need to tell my crew to turn off this feature.

i looked in the ‘product changes’ area and searched with the ‘Messages’ checkbox turned on an ‘Close’ or ‘Closed’ and no luck – so maybe this feature has been around forever.

interestingly, the Product Changes page/blog has a date link in the upper right that does not disappear to be replaced by a ‘Close’ button.




Thanks for the extra detail and thoughts on this. I definitely hear where you’re coming from. Although this is not a new feature, I love the idea of adding the pop up that asks if you’re sure you’d like to close the conversation. I’ll add this suggestion to your feature request and hope this is something we see in the future!