(When) are live-canvas on cards cached?


I have made some changes to our live-canvas implementation.
When reloading my conversation in Intercom, I see one card reloading the live canvas and now displaying the updated design while another card did not appear to update the canvas (this was the more recent / aka “younger” card/canvas) and was still showing the old design.

Additionally: We are showing a slightly different content of our live-canvas to a Intercom teammember vs. to the user.
I’m currently checking if the user object is present in my request. This works fine most of the time. However sometimes my teammembers get the design for a user. I assume this might be a caching issue as well?

Would anyone be able to shed some light on how this works? Also, I have to manually refresh the page or reload the conversation for the live-canvas to update. It that intentional?




@sean can you shed any light on caching of requests/responses?



This is intentional, yes.

Every time a live card is rendered we’ll make a request to your server to fetch the content of that card. There shouldn’t be any caching at all so this is a little surprising. I’ll need to investigate this to make sure we’re not unintentionally caching something somewhere.

Can these cards be submitted and become a static canvas by any chance?



Hi @sean - that’s for your reply.
Currently, they can not become static. (We will implement that eventually though).
I’m happy to send @jeff a screenshot via email - not sure it would help though. :wink:



We’ve heard one other report of this now so @sean is going to be looking into it more. We’ll let you know when we’ve gotten to the bottom of it.

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I havn’t noticed this anymore lately. So we might be good now! :+1:

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