Whitelisting Messenger with unique subdomains per client

Hi, each of our customers has their own subdomain. Whitelisting in Messenger doesn’t support wildcards, so does anyone have any suggestions on how to whitelist our client subdomains? You can’t update the whitelist via the API. Alternatively we just don’t whitelist at all (and potentially use messenger identity verification), but that doesn’t sound ideal.

Thanks in advance

Hey Charlie, welcome to the forum!

There currently isn’t a way to whitelist via the API and wildcards are not yet supported, however using a combination of Identity Verification and Messenger visibility settings such that only certain, verified, users are able to use the Messenger could be a way to set this up for now.

Thanks Andrew, yup we’re going to implement identity verification. Visibility settings require an upgrade to Pro for Inbox and Messages so that’s not something we can do yet.