Why are users not Authenticated?


We’ve recently done an upgrade to a later version of Intercom messing in our mobile app (android/ios), but now we see that users are not authenticated. We upgraded from v5 to v6. Is there something new we need to do?

Hey there,

This user is authorized, otherwise it will be displayed as a lead.

@shengeliaroy So therefore we should disregard the “Is Authenticated” flag on the right side (which states as false) ??

It is a qualification data field, which created by one of the admin.

You can read more about qualification data (https://www.intercom.com/help/en/articles/1155585-what-is-qualification-data)

To manage this field and change them (https://app.intercom.io/a/apps/_/settings/qualification-settings)

I hope this will be helpful.