Zapier to Intercom

I have set up Zapier to create (or update) leads on Intercom when a new form entry is submitted, however I need to then use (I presume) Webhooks on Zapier to send a message from said lead to Intercom as an inbound conversation.

I don’t even know where to start with this; can anyone give me any pointers?

So far, I’ve set up Zapier with the following…


From speaking with Intercom, Zapier cannot create an incoming message on a lead’s profile, it must be on a user; to have it created from the lead it must be done using the REST API

Any help appreciated - I hope the above makes sense

Many thanks


Hey @John_Wales - here’s how you could do it:

  1. Choose Webhooks on Zapier as Step 3 in your Zapier flow and select the Custom Request action.
  2. Go back to Zapier and enter the following details:

There’s more on the request through this link in our REST API Reference.

This is great - thanks Zach!

I’m getting the below error:

My questions are:

What username and password do I use?
Do I need to use my access token from the developer hub as the Authorization?

Ah sorry - forgot to mention about Authentication!

You should only need to put in the Access Token once, without any pipe character. The token is the Username in Basic Auth.

Hi @zach,

Thanks so much for all your help so far - I owe you!

I’ve used the Auth token from the app i created in the developer hub on Intercom (is that right?) but it’s still not authorising…

The app returned “No authorization was provided”

Below is where I took the access token from (?)

Any clues?

Hey Zach,

I got it working!

The auth needs to be in the headers, not in Zapier’s Basic Auth field.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Nice one @John_Wales - must be in the way they resolve that. Cheers!