API: GET: Conversation: Pagination not working

  • 24 May 2023
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Hello, I try to modify my json configurator to extract all conversions. However pagination does not work. Can someone assist please? 


The json I have is as following:


"parameters": {
"api": {
"baseUrl": ""
"pagination": {
"method": "cursor",
"perPageParam": "per_page",
"perPage": 150,
"startingAfterParam": "starting_after",
"startingAfter": ""
"config": {
"outputBucket": "ge-tutorial",
"debug": true,
"jobs": [
"endpoint": "conversations",
"params": {
"per_page": "{{perPage}}",
"starting_after": "{{startingAfter}}"
"headers": {
"Intercom-Version": "2.9",
"accept": "application/json",
"authorization": "Bearer -----"
"incrementalOutput": true



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Hi @chrisbr0! ! Cam with the Intercom Support Engineering team here.

Just to confirm - when you say you’re looking to ‘extract all conversions’, you’re wanting to use the List All Conversations API endpoint to fetch a list of all conversations and their parts - correct?  I presume you’re getting a ‘Successful’/200 Response for the initial page so I’m keen to understand what you might be seeing when trying to use pagination, are you getting any specific errors in response?