Welcome to the place to discuss Intercom’s REST APIs. Please feel free to ask questions, leave us feature requests, or chat about anything related to getting data into and out of Intercom.

Mobile SDKs

This is a parent category for our mobile SDKs (iOS and Android currently). Please use the specific sub-categories for each SDK for specific questions or start a thread here if it’s about a new platform you’d like us to support.

Messenger Framework

Welcome to discussions about Intercom’s Messenger Framework. This is the right place to ask questions about building Apps in Messenger or to drop feature requests for things you’d love to see in the framework in the future.

Launch Announcements

Use this category to announce your new App launching in the Intercom App Store and to talk about specific launch tactics that helped you build a buzz around your new app!


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it! Please don’t hesitate to suggest improvements and open discussions.

What I'm Building

Have an app you are building on the Intercom Platform? How about a side project externally? Or are you looking to open source your app?