If we use the API for Data Attribute Model', can we able to fetch the listed attributes from the start of every conversation?

  • 4 February 2021
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If we use this API can we able to fetch any of the data attributes and pass that attribute value to a variable and then that variable need to be passed on to Watson. If yes could you please provide some guides/steps to achieve this?


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Hello @anoop​ , Let me try to help you here, okay?


If you want to get data attributes from the conversation, you should use Retrieve a conversation API.


Sending GET request to



"custom_attributes": {

    "Type": "Issue",

    "Priorty": "Low",

    "Feature": "Billing & Payments"



Let me know if you have any other questions about the API, happy to help 🦄

Hello @Roy ,


I understand that using conversation ID I can get the required attributes, but my problem here is I need to get the attributes or conversation ID at the very beginning of every conversation. Could you tell me which API should I use?


I tried with the data attributes API model and its not returning any values. Any suggestions please.