automate sending the conversation via email to our service desk if Fin has not resolved the customer’s question

  • 13 July 2023
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We’d like to stop using our staff on intercom chat, and use Fin to resolve as many customer questions as possible, and if not, we’d like our service desk (outside of intercom) to resolve the customer question from then on.

Is there a way to automate sending the conversation via email to our service desk if Fin has not resolved the customer’s question?



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7 replies

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@Diana Tripac are you able to help here, please?

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Hi @doig-mm !

There isn’t a way to do this out of the box, but if you have a dev team with time on their hands you may be able to build something out by making use of our Webhooks and REST API along with the API of whatever 3rd party tool you’re using to create the Email messages.


That said, this seems like a cumbersome setup. Is there a reason why you want these conversations to take place over Email instead of through the Intercom Inbox? The Intercom Inbox allows you to see the details around the person and company you’re chatting with, send them apps via the composer, and see what other conversations they’ve recently had open. It seems to me you would lose all of that with Email.




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Hi @Jacob Cox 

Thank you.

What might work better then is to use custom actions to send a conversation to Jira (

What I can’t see yet is if there’s a way to create a new button instead of “that helped” or “talk to a person”,  say a button called “create ticket”, which kicks off the ticket being sent to Jira.

Can you help me with that, please?

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Hey @Jacob Cox just following up on this

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Hey there @doig-mm !

Sorry for the delayed response! I was out of the office for a bit. 

You can control how Fin handles a “handover” in the specific Profile Settings within Fin.

You could set up the Profile to allow multiple questions and then pass over to a “teammate”. You don’t actually have to pass to a teammate here, though. Instead, you could send a handover message and add buttons there (just like you would with any Custom Bot Workflow). You can include the option to create a ticket and have that call the Custom Action.

Let me know if you have questions around that. 

If any other members of the Community have built out something similar, chime in with any tips! 😀

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Hey @Jacob Cox 

Thanks, that looks like what we’re after, but it requires a subscription upgrade on our end, which isn’t really warranted given the low amount of interactions we have.

Is there a setting where we can customise the "Talk to a person" button so that we can change it to:

“If you’d like to talk to a person, please first reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you via phone or email”?

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Hi again @doig-mm !

You have a few options for the wording of that “Talk to a person” button. You can see those options in the Automation Settings menu under “Customize Fin reply buttons”

You could then have the handover message tell the customer to reach out to you via email and then follow that up with an auto-close of the conversation like shown below.

Is that the sort of thing that you’re looking to do?