Is it possible to measure CSAT for tickets handled only by AI?

  • 28 August 2023
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Hello Intercommunity! I have a question about Fin.


I want to measure CSAT for CSAT handled by AI vs. handled by a human. 


Question: Is it possible to see CSAT for conversations fully handled by AI? 


Caveat: I know I can see overall CSAT, but I’d like to be able to measure CSAT for conversations fully handled by AI.


This is the tab I am using to measure CSAT, and I can’t find a way to filter down to only conversations handled by AI. 


2 replies

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Hi @Bridget Sicard 

Jennifer here from Intercom

There is a beta currently for this so I will pass your request to our support team to share further details 🙌

It is really nice that you released this feature! It would be even better if it would be possible to intercept conversations that have a bad CSAT. Customers should have the option to reopen them and decide if they want to speak with a person.