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  • 14 July 2023
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Why is that that the quality of the answers is better - with the same questions- in them demo than in live Fin? I do not get why there is a difference and why the (paid) version available in our account does not answer as good as the demo on the website


Best answer by Jennifer K 18 July 2023, 16:11

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Probably too much crawled content is a problem and the demo just crawls less?

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Hi@Simon Schier 

Jennifer here from Intercom

You can import 10 sources, and for each source, we crawl maximum 1,000 URLs.

If you have examples of this, I can escalate this to our support team to look into why this isn’t working as you expected it to.

For e

For Example - the answer is in english, and there is also english content available and on nearly each page is an information that office club has 13 locations (e.g ) - they are also crawled.

Also i dont get exactly why if i ask in english, the bot answers in german? Something is probably mixed up