Is it possible to send a seasonal custom bot message.

Hi! We would like to send a short summer message as a chat bot message, on top, of the ordinary that we have today. how do i add that to our bot?


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Hey @anna s​, 👋 thanks for reaching out! I'm one of the Support Engineers here at Intercom! 👍


So you most definitely can add this extra message to your custom bot, you can use this article here as a guide on editing or updating your custom bots. Essentially you will just need to add an extra bit of text to whichever path you wish the message to show on! Let me know if you have any questions!


Yes, it's possible to send seasonal custom bot messages using Intercom's message API and custom attributes. You can schedule messages to trigger based on specific dates or user attributes like location. For summer messages, set a trigger date and craft a message relevant to the season. Remember to update your bot accordingly!