Supporting multiple products with Fin

  • 19 May 2023
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Our company has 4 products and each product has a separate section in the support site. We’re finding that Fin is looking at all the articles and is providing bad advice.
For example, the login process is different for each app. If a user says “I’m having trouble logging in” Fin gives them advice from an article on the wrong product.
To resolve this I’d like to see Fin prompt the user for the product they need help with and then restrict Fin to only use articles in that product section to generate feedback content.

8 replies

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Hey there @Chris C11!


It sounds like you’re using our Fin Demo tool and not the actual Fin product in your Intercom workspace. The Demo tool doesn’t take Audience Targeting into account for your articles because it doesn’t have access to your Intercom workspace (all you’re providing it is a URL for a help center) so it doesn’t know what the Audience Rules for each of your Articles are.


The actual feature in your Intercom workspace will take into account the Article’s target audience based on the Rules you set up for the Article, and will only send information that is targeted toward that User. This ability will require you to have your Articles hosted on an Intercom Help Center.


Let me know if you have any questions about that!

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@Jacob Cox thanks for the response on a Sunday. I am using the actual Fin product and our articles are hosted on Intercom. Audience targeting would only work for logged in users and would also prevent our articles from surfacing on Google Search.

The fix will be to be able to be able to prompt the user for the product they need help with (we do this already) and then restrict Fin to the collections appropriate to the product.

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@Chris C11 I see what you’re saying! I’ll be sure to surface this use case with our Product Team so they can keep it in mind when making improvements to the tool!

I have another use case for this thread, and I can use some help to figure out how we can use Fin successfully.

We also have 3 different products and we currently have a Custom bot set up that identifies the user attribute for each product  (user attribute: Product ID) for the user when it comes to chat and it redirects them to the correct team according to the product ID the user has.


We also have ALL the articles set up with target audiences based on the Product ID so the custom bot shows only the correct artciles for the correct products and users find the right answers when they search the help center.

BUT this set up creates another problem … we cannot use the links to articles in external emails for our prospect users since the articles are “restricted” by the product ID. SO we are deciding if we want to create “duplicate”  articles to use only for marketing purposes and make only those public or make ALL the articles public, and add a distinction on EACh article title to identify the correct Product that users can identify it’s for the correct product before opening it.


Now with the aditon of Fin, if we make all articles public then Fin will give all the wrong answers to users for each product because articles are not targeted. nd if we leave them targete our Marketing team cannot use the article links to send out emails to prospects/leads.

Can anyone give any advice on what would be the best path moving forward? before we start changing all 800 articles on our help center.
Any chance that each Fin profile can have the option to use only certain collections of articles or tags? so we can have that option for those of us that cannot use target audiences? maybe is a suggestion for your roadmap to consider.


@Chris C11 , looks like our use cases are pretty similar, if you are interested in exchanging ideas and tips on Intercom feel free to message me, I think we can both learn from each other.


Thank you.

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@Cary Melly 

Thanks for sharing your issue! This seems to be the same issue that Chris mentioned. Currently, the only workaround that I can see would be to have a separate workspace for each brand, but I recognize that that could be a pricey and less-than-ideal solution. I’ve flagged this issue with our Product Team so they are aware of this sort of Catch-22 situation that you’re running into!

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@Chris C11 if I could upvote this, I would. Since I can’t, I liked your post. Our company is using Fin and has the exact same setup in our product areas and article collections. And to complicate matters, a lot of language in our articles has similar terms like “files” because our platform is an end-to-end creation tool where you are working with the same files across the different product areas. It’s frustrating to see Fin give the wrong answers over and over again because it’s not pulling the articles from the right collection. I hope the Intercom product team implements your suggestion of prompting the user for the product they need help with  first and then having Fin search the articles in that collection. One refinement I would make to your suggestion, though, is instead of Fin restricting its search just to the articles in that collection, making that collection the first and primary place it searches but then allowing it to search the rest of the articles on the help center if a resolution isn’t found in that collection. Because again, in our company, sometimes the processes cross product areas so we wouldn’t want to exclude all articles besides the one in the product area’s collection in case the answer does exist elsewhere on the site or the user chooses the wrong product area in the prompt (a common issue for new users). 

I added a comment on this a long time ago but since then Intercom had changed a lot the Help center feature.
I’m wondering that now that they allow the creation of more than one Help Center in a single workspace. If I create 4 different help centers (one for each product) Can I also configure 4 different Fin Profile with each one pointing to each Help center?

I was thinking about this for a couple of weeks now and before making any changes to my Workspace I wanted to check if this is something that would work for our use case. 
@Jacob Cox  

We have exactly the same problem. this week I saw multiple help center feature and I was happy.  Thank you @Cary Melly for your question. do you find the answer?